Take your fitness training to a new level. Personal training offers: personal support, individualized design, focused cardiovascular activity, gain strength, lean muscle, and build flexibility. $50M/$70NM (per hour)

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  • Semi-Private Personal Training

    Recruit your training partner, a family member or spouse for your small group personal training session! Schedule one of our personal trainers and they will work with you and up to two others in a semi-private training session giving you twice the motivation and fun!

    Fee: $70 per session (up to three persons)

  • 30-Minute Personal Training Packages

    Are you looking for a great, quick 30 minute workout? Check out our new personal training package special.

    Personal Training Packages

    • One 30-Minute Session
      $26.00/ session

    • Four 30-Minute Sessions
      $23.50/ session

    • Six 30-Minute Sessions
      $23.50/ session

    • Eight 30-Minute Sessions
      $21.00/ session

    Sessions can only be purchased one package at a time. Once full package is used, then purchase another package. 30 minute sessions cannot be combined or scheduled back to back.

  • In-Home Personal Training

    For those of you who would prefer to get your workout in the comfort of your own home, we have just the personal training option for you! Schedule your personal training session with your favorite personal trainer and they will make the trip out to your location for your in-home workout. Must have own equipment or gym.

    Fee: $70 per session

  • Personal Training & Nutrition Consultation

    Work with our AFAA certified Personal Training staff and Nick Fischer, RD, LDN Registered Dietitian

    Package includes three Personal Training Sessions and a Comprehensive one hour session with our registered dietitian. Nick will provide you with a Food and Lifestyle Assessment, Food Diary Review, Body Measurement and Goal Setting. Provides an efficient method of gaining nutrition information and evaluating progress toward established goals.

    Nutrition/3 Personal Training Session Special $170