TRX Classes


TRX (Total Body Resistance) was originally developed by a Navy Seal named Randy Hetrick as a way to stay in peak condition while on mission with no access to fitness equipment. The equipment used is called a Suspension Trainer, it has single point attachments that provides the ideal of support and freedom of movement to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power core stability all once and across a wide range of intensity.


We have many different offerings throughout the week. Tommie Korneke is a Certified Personal Trainer and is also a Qualified TRX Instructor, she will guide you through your workouts and help you meet your goals.

"Tommie really made me feel comfortable in my first class with her, she explained everything and made sure my form was good. I did not feel out of place in the class, she made me feel included" --New Member Quote


For Personal Training or TRX Questions: Tommie's Cell: 412-216-0759 or email her at