CBD Massage is now at Ligonier YMCA Massage!
This 30 or 60 minute session is great for those suffering from chronic pain such as Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, RA and more. CBD is derived from Charlottes Web and targets the pain from the muscles to relieve. This session includes CBD Massage Oil which is NOT absorbed through the blood stream only to the muscles, its chronic!
10 Benefits of CBD Massage:
#10: No Crazy High (THC is associated with the high)
CBD is NON psychoactive
#9: No Pain: CBD helps relieve pain symptoms
NO side effects and completely legal in all 50 states
#8: Anti-Inflammatory: Helps fight inflammation in the body:
Such as Arthritis and Psoriasis
#7: Anti-Oxident: Has more antioxidants than Vitamin A&E
#6: Mood Lifter: It has anti depressant properties which also
help raise serotonin levels in the brain to aid with sleep.
#5: Quit Smoking: Helps quit smoking, those who used a
CBD Inhaler smoked 40% (no joke) less cigarettes!
#4: Reduce Anxiety: Proven to help those with OCD,
Panic Disorders and PTSD.
#3: Help Neurological Disorders: Seizures, MS, Parkinson
A study in 2014, showed children whom used CBD
reduced seizures by 80% and 10% had NO seizures.
#2: Helps Lower incidents associated with Diabetes:
manage sugar better, lower blood pressure, less
insulin dysfunction.
#1: Helps Fight Cancer: CBD has anti-proliferative effects

SCHEDULING 60 Minute Massage: $45
SCHEDULING 30 Minute Massage: $25


PLEASE SCHEDULE ONLINE by clicking this link:
Questions: 724.888.4722