Child Watch

Child Watch is a Babysitting service that offers our members FREE access to high quality childcare during facility use.  We can make it possible for you to continue to be healthy and active, while keeping your kids safe and engaged while you’re taking that Yoga class you have been wanting to try!  Please make sure you are noting where you will be enjoying your workout on our sign in sheet, in case your child needs you!

Hours & Guidelines

Winter Hours
(January 3-May 31st)

Monday-Friday Mornings



Monday thru Thurs
4:30 start on Mondays Only

Saturday Mornings


  • If no one is present 30 mins prior to end
    attendant leaves
  • 2 hour school delays—No AM Child Watch


Members must remain in the building when using this service

Be sure to sign up for the Remind Updates that are located outside of the Child Watch room to ensure you have the most up to date information on times, cancellations, and important announcements!

The Y permanently denies services to any member/participant leaving the building with a child/children in Child Watch

Please make sure that your child/children use the restroom or diapers are changed before entering child watch to ensure you are not interrupted during your workout.

Please no snacks or food inside Child Watch, unless previously granted from our Child Watch Caretakers, and special arrangements have been made.

*If the Ligonier Valley School District has a Snow Day, there will be NO CHILD WATCH in the morning*