Fitness 101

JUST FOR OUR NEW MEMBERS. A FREE introductory session for our fresh health- seekers. We work with you to build a basic workout that fits your needs. Learn how to adjust the equipment, plan your workout, and set realistic goals!

Fitness Health Assessment

Are you interested in finding out more about your current fitness level? Our certified staff will conduct a series of cardiovascular, flexibility and strength and endurance tests to identify your current fitness level and to help you define your health and fitness goals.


Personal Training

Personal trainers provide individual workout plans based on your specific needs to take your fitness training to the next level. Choose your favorite personal trainer and take the first step to improving your overall wellness. You will meet for an initial assessment to discuss your goals and determine your current level of fitness. Then the fun begins. Your trainer will design a workout routine that suits YOU the best. No matter if your goals are to improve your cardio vascular ability, build muscle, improve flexibility, rehabilitate an old injury or prevent a future injury, our trainers can help you get there. Sign up today!

$50M/$70NM per hour
Member/nonmember rates vary by personal trainer. Please contact the Front Desk for more information.

BOOM Classes


Action-based, functional and strength conditioning class that provides a dynamic workout. MUSCLE focuses on a variety of strength-based training techniques and movement patterns borrowed from popular sports and leisure activities. Lunges for hiking and cross-chop rotations to improve golf and tennis swings are just a few examples.


Combines a great cardio workout with fun, dance-style choreography. This high-energy class will have you dancing to music from many eras and genres. Every class is designed to be challenging but doable.


Fuses the best of Pilates, Yoga and athletic stretching in a way that makes these disciplines accessible to participants of multiple skill levels. This class specifically focuses on improving overall range of motion and strength, balance, core stability and flexibility.

Fitness Center Staff

  • Rachel Allison
  • Jake Ankney
  • Jeremy Arbore
  • Erica Croyle
  • Zach Freeman
  • Mike Marinchak
  • Yvonne McCurdy
  • Debbie Priest
  • Lindsey Stormer

Look for us to help you take advantage of our updated equipment:

  • Complete Cybex Circuit
  • Free-Weight Room
  • Stairmasters
  • Concept II Rowers
  • Schwinn Aerodynes
  • Précor Ellipticals

Personal Trainers

  • Adam Brown
  • Jeremy Arbore
  • Tommie Korneke

Silver Sneakers Staff

  • Marilyn Seagrove – T, TH
  • Linda Sinemus  – M, W, F