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Building a Healthy Community Campaign


After intense strategic planning, community evaluation, and careful analysis, the board and staff of the Ligonier Y have recognized a distinct need to further define and refine our efforts in health and wellness. We also recognize that our current facility is too small to accommodate our increased membership, programs, and services. We realize that through collaboration our efforts can be enhanced and strengthened. It is clear that partnering with a healthcare provider to provide additional services and produce additional revenue through either capital gifts or a rental agreement, is a viable way to meet the needs of the community while still ensuring the long-term sustainability of the YMCA. It is with this in mind, that the Ligonier Valley YMCA began discussions with Excela Health. The discussions have allowed us to discover a shared vision of providing our community with a better way to access tools and services that can guide all individuals in living healthier lives.


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The outcome of these discussions is a plan to build a new facility that includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, physician offices, imaging, specialty doctors and physical therapy, all services that have been previously identified in our effort to support our community’s health and wellness needs. The fitness center would support our current membership and attract additional members from the Ligonier Valley and surrounding areas who are utilizing Excela’s healthcare services.

In July of 2012, the Ligonier Valley Y signed a preliminary agreement with Excela Health and began to take steps toward developing an innovative facility designed to meet the health and wellness needs of our members and the community. The agreement is crafted so that the Ligonier Valley YMCA will build and own the healthcare and fitness center and Excela Health will have a long-term lease.

This partnership with Excela Health marks the beginning of our capital campaign to Build A Healthy Community Together. In addition to constructing the healthcare and fitness center, the Y plans to add additional parking spaces, make improvements to the existing facility, and enhance the endowment. We are asking for your help to Build A Healthy Community Together.

Through this campaign, we will provide the following:

  • Expansion and Improvement of our fitness center and fitness services for members of all abilities and ages. A new 5,000 square foot fitness center will be added to our facility designed to provide additional space for state-of-the-art fitness equipment. This new space will leave our current basement fitness center open for additional group fitness classes and play space for our growing childcare program and middle school health initiative. Expansion of the fitness center will also lead to the development of a new gymnasium with more space for team sports and activities.
  • Renovations to Our Existing Facility to enhance services to members. This enhancement includes the addition of a warm water therapy pool. The YMCA will use the pool as a rental for physical therapy offices and an avenue for warm water exercise for our senior population. We will expand and modernize our fitness center, reshape the face of our gymnasium, and add additional space for our growing group exercise programs. Finally, we will create a new centralized entrance to the facility and restrict the existing entrance to the building for childcare participants, allowing added security and decreased activity at the point of entry.
  • Partnership with a Regional Healthcare Provider, Excela Health Services, to add health prevention programs for current and potential members. Members will find a place where they can take a proactive approach to health care. Total health is achieved by doing more than just working out, it involves being aware of problems, preventing health challenges, and receiving great care if those problems do develop. For years, the YMCA has stressed the importance of whole body health. By partnering those that provide health care with those that provide health prevention, we feel that we have a formula for great success.
  • Creating Organizational Sustainability. The Ligonier Valley YMCA will take steps to ensure a long-term presence in the Ligonier Valley community. The partnership with Excela Health will provide 7,000 square feet of leased space to the company. Funds from the lease will allow the Ligonier Valley YMCA to develop a capital reserve for the future. Improved facilities and services will aid in increasing overall membership adding additional revenue. In addition, through this campaign, we will augment our endowment to ensure long-term sustainability.

New Services and Improvements:

Ligonier YMCA

  • New and Expanded Fitness Center
  • Capital Improvements to Existing Facility
  • Renovated and Expanded Group Exercise Space
  • Separated Access for Childcare Programs
  • Increasing Overall Safety Enhanced Endowment to Secure Long-term Sustainability
  • Expanded Parking


Excela Offices

  • Family Doctor Offices
  • Specialty Doctors
  • Physical Therapy
  • Blood Work
  • Imaging

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