Engaging the mind, the hands, and the imagination!

Our program balances structured activity with individual exploration to encourage children to think creatively, to take initiative, and to build positive relationships. We provide unique opportunities for active physical play and community involvement; our emphasis on Character Development program creates an environment of encouragement in which we recognize personal strengths and celebrate diversity.

    + Serving children 6 weeks-12 years of age + Child care and early education available 6:15 AM-6:00 PM, Monday through Friday + Stimulating, age-appropriate activities + Positive group experiences + Swim instruction + Scholarships available, CCIS accepted

Progressive Education

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION by EARLY CHILDHOOD PROFESSIONALS Our program employs degreed professionals with extensive training and education specifically geared toward child development from birth through age 8 (along with CPR/First Aid certifications). Our dedicated educators use Keystone STARS standards to focus on more than literacy, writing, and the sciences. Our program also fosters family/community connections and active learning experiences. We combine a curriculum aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and a safe, stimulating environment to create meaningful experiences for your child each day that span from character development, to sports and exercise; from social/emotional growth, to age-appropriate technology and beyond. CREATING LIFE-LONG LEARNERS As a Keystone STARS facility, we design programs that help your child develop critical-thinking skills and intellectual curiosity – characteristics that promote successful learning in the kindergarten classroom and beyond. We strive to nurture growth in multiple aspects, and provide the tools to help each and every child achieve success in all dimensions of life.

  • Everyday Math and Guided Reading curriculums
  • Swim instruction
  • Active schedule that includes outdoor play, music and movement, XRKade interactive fitness, and more
  • Thematic, “hands-on” approach to learning

School-Age Child Care (SACC)

At the Ligonier Valley YMCA, we strive to offer an out-of-school time (OST) program that meets the needs of your family’s schedule while creating a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for your child.

  • Before-school care beginning at 6:15 AM
  • After-school care until 6:00 PM
  • Extended program during school delays
  • Full-day activities during snow days and scheduled school closings
  • Bus transportation (provided by the local school district) for R.K. Mellon, Ligonier Valley Middle School, Holy Trinity, and the Valley School of Ligonier
  • A safe escort to and from the bus
  • Healthy snacks
  • A positive environment to encourage constructive socialization, cooperative projects, physical activity, individual interests, and character development

4 Reasons to choose the Y CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS

  1. We care about our children and their families. We know that communication & collaboration between families, educators, and children builds the foundation of successful programming.
  2. We promote the development of the whole child. Our staff constructs goals & objectives based upon research of developmentally- appropriate practice along with the development of new skills in multiple program areas — for a healthy spirit, mind, and body.
  3. We build kids of character. Character Development remains a fundamental component of the YMCA mission. Each day, we challenge our staff & participants to accept and demonstrate the core values of honesty, caring, responsibility, & respect. We encourage development diversity, and acts of kindness.
  4. Our children grow within a YMCA family. The YMCA provides a variety of unique recreational and interpersonal experiences. The children learn to swim, share a center-wide Thanksgiving feast, and sing songs for our senior members — exciting opportunities to learn and explore a range of interests with friends of all ages!
  • Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten

    • Children and educators learning together through exploration and problem solving
    • Projects and activities based upon children’s interests
    • Extensive Pre-K program designed to prepare children for elementary learning
    • Weekly swim instruction (October through April)
  • Twos and Threes

    • Techniques to support child’s growing independence
    • Sensory-based learning
    • Projects and activities based upon primary areas of toddler development
  • Infant and Young Toddler Care

    • Daily schedule based upon child’s individual needs
    • Nurturing interaction between caregivers and child
    • Intentional communication designed to foster cognitive connections
  • School-Age Child Care (SACC)

    • Age-appropriate programming to meet the needs of each family while creating a safe, supportive environment for the student
    • Before-school care beginning at 6:15 AM; after-school care until 6:00 PM
    • Bus transportation (provided by local school district) for R.K. Mellon, Ligonier Valley Middles School, Holy Trinity, and the Valley School of Ligonier
    • Care during snow delays; full-day program during snow days and several scheduled school closings