Are you looking to get healthy? Stay fit? Learn a new skill? Meet new friends? The Y has a wide-range of program and services for everyone. From pilates to fly fishing to Zumba! to basketball, learn more about our unparalleled variety of programs below.

Therapy Pools

Sessions are made by appointment at the Welcome Center and can be purchased in groups of 5 or 10. Therapy pools are for the use of those aged 18 or older. Special circumstances will need approval.

  • 5 Sessions: M$25/NM$50
  • 10 Sessions: M$50/NM$100


Instruction for all levels, from beginners to National Champions. Children 8-12 may take class along with parent (guardian). Class encompasses the use of foil, epee, and saber.

Teaches the basic skills of fencing. Advance at your own pace with the opportunity to compete at a high level.

Monthly Fee: $20M/$40NM

Drop in Fee M$3/NM$5

Wednesday & Friday – Activity Center

6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Ages 8 to adult – beginners welcome.